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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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ecause of the precipitation very quickly moved out of the area. check this the back edge of the sleet and the rain now moving from baltimore just west of annapolis, west of dunkirk, it continues to push across the bay in the eastern shore. we'll stay cloudy and get a bit colder tonight. temperature currently 36 at reagan national and near freezing in many areas. some of the sleet on the ground hasn't quite melted yet. be careful. overnight, we'll drop a little bit but probably only to about 30 degrees by the time we wake up in the morning. gusty winds, strong winds tomorrow. sunny saturday and another winter storm to watch for sunday. lots on the plate to talk about here in a few minutes. maureen? >> thank you doug. stay with abc 7 and as we track the weather. in a few minutes, we'll show you the toll the winter weather is taking on our streets and roadways. new at 6:00 the f.b.i. has added a man with local ties to the most wanted terrorist list. he's a taxi cab driver acruise -- accused of providing material support to a terrorist
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organization linked to al-qaida. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live in the newsroom with the investigation. jeff? >> maureen, the f.b.i. releasing this information late this afternoon. a man who used to live in alexandria drove taxis across northern virginia has now been added to that most wanted list. here's the man that we're talking about. he's been charged in connection with providing support to a close affiliate of al-qaida. muhammad, 29 years old, is a somali born naturalized u.s. citizen and according to authorities, he left the united states in the summer of 2012 with an american passport intent on joining them in east africa. the f.b.i. says while in northern virginia muhammad became close with this man. zachary chester, the 25-year-old former george mason university student sentenced four years ago for his support of the organization. last summer muhammad was identified by authorities as a wanted fugitive and today in this one page arrest warrant
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that was unsealed by the u.s. attorney's office and now he joins 30 other individuals on the f.b.i.'s most wanted terrorist list. the f.b.i. is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to muhammad's arrest. live in the newsroom jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> thank you, jeff. developing right now in afghanistan, three american contractors and a local afghan national were shot to death in kabul. the shooting happened at the north kabul international airport complex. at this point, there are few details about the shooter or whether he was a member of the afghan security forces. there's no word on the fates of a jordanian air force pilot or a japanese journalist held hostage by isil terrorists. a deadline set by the group for a prisoner swap has come and gone. isil gave jordan until sundown local time today to free a bomber on death row. jordan demanded proof its pilot was still alive before making a trade.
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for the first time 911 calls from the deadly mansion fire in annapolis have been released. the first call was from the company that installed the smoke alarm in the home of don and sandra pyle. the operator said he wasn't able to reach anyone inside the mansion. >> calling with a fire alarm. >> two minutes later, a neighbor called 911 describing flames shooting out of the home. it's believed the pyles and their four grandchildren were inside at the time of the fire. six bodies have been recovered from the rubble and the cause of the fire was ruled accidental. a bill to weaken state oversight of dominion virginia power advanced in a senate panel today. the bill would allow the company to skip public financial audits until 2023. the audits can lead to refunds for customers. dominion says it needs to stablize its rates and avoid closing several pole powered plants. but critics, including the
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attorney general mike herring says lowering oversight could lead to higher electric rates. the winter weather is causing problems on the roads long after the snow has been cleared. drivers now find themselves dodging strings of potholes especially in northwest washington. and that's where we find d.c. bureau chief sam ford. sam? >> yes, maureen. well, they're bad and vdot's engineer say this is the beginning of the pothole season not the end. i'm along military highway, one of many areas where the potholes are starting to annoy. >> just hit one? >> limped into the tire repair place this afternoon on the rim after hitting yet another pothole! >> in the middle of the street the potholes are everywhere! >> you just hit one. >> yes! >> along georgia avenue and especially along military road potholes are popping up everywhere. with the cold weather snow and
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ice and the salt thrown around, the streets are starting to crumble. >> factor in the volume of traffic over it it starts breaking up even more and therefore, when it rains or snows, it comes down and we saw it melt and expands and then it freezes and then it -- >> you have crews out here trying to fix it huh? >> yes. >> on h street northwest, we found d.c.'s crews with their hot asphalt filling in holes that have been rough on drivers. they say these crews work around the clock these days fixing potholes when they're not busy salting and plowing the streets. the residents who live around eighth and new hampshire were glad to see the crews out. >> i think it's great. it's a good thing. >> but -- >> i think pothole are good but this road needs to be redone. with all the money i'm paying for taxes two blocks away it's what needs to be redone. >> why can't you do it safe. >> d.c. residents can call 311
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to report a pothole, get a claim number and check on line to see when it's finished and repaired. one other thing, d-dot says they may not know where the potholes are unless you call. sam ford abc 7 news. >> thank you, sam. also new tonight, an iowa man arrested outside the white house has been sentenced to one year in jail. r.j. caphein was arrested in november after secret service agents found a loaded rifle, 40 rounds of ammunition and a six-inch knife in his car. today, a judge sentenced him to one year in jail but suspended all but time served on the condition that he completes one year of probation. the judge also ordered him to stay away from the white house. the university of virginia is taking steps to make students feel safer. starting monday, the school will employ unarmed security guards called ambassadors.
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responsibilities will include walking students home and calling first responders if medical attention is needed. the guards will patrol a popular strip of restaurants and bars known as the corner. and also be stationed near fraternity houses and off campus apartments. coming up at 6:00 a new twist in a plan to ease overcrowding in arlington schools. we'll tell you about the setback and what could be next for school officials. plus, some u.s. senators want to take more steps to ease diplomatic relations with cuba. details on the new bill drafted by lawmakers.
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>> late today, the senate passed a bill approving construction of the keystone x.l. pipeline. the vote was 62-36. the measure must be reckononciled with the house version, but president obama has promised to veto the bill saying he prefers the traditional approval process now under way. the measure needs 67 votes to overcome a presidential veto. a bipartisan group of senators drafted a bill to lift the travel ban against cuba. it's the first cuba-related legislation since president obama restored diplomatic relations with the country. >> there are no guarantees that this will bring democracy next year or the next. but i think it's far more likely
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to set conditions where democracy will come sooner. >> now, the president can ease some restrictions with cuba but it's up to congress to end the ban and the 55-year-old economic embargo. still ahead at 6:00 we might have to wait a bit longer to find out if hillary clinton will run for president in 2016. why they believe she will delay any announcement and doug is tracking a wintry mix hitting parts of our area. he'll show us what's ahead tonight. >> the price of super bowl tickets soars. i have the very latest from phoenix. speaking of phoenix, tiger is back kind of and the maryland terrapins try to crack the buckeye in columbus. but they need melo to do it as abc 7 news at 6:00 continues.
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>> there's a battle brewing over a popular birth control device and it started on facebook. thousands of women joined together on social media claiming they were hurt by a device called essure. and tonight at 11:00, the abc 7 i-team looks at problems linked to this product. essure has been on the market for more than a decade.
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but there's a renewed push to get it recalled. abc 7 is there as women from around the country take their fight to congress. >> they're not acknowledging what we're going through. this has changed people's lives and ruined women's lives. they don't care. >> tonight at 11:00, find out what happened after the company that makes assure cancelled two interviews with our i-team. the board blocked a plan to build an elementary school. the new school was supposed to help deal with a surge in enrollment. caroline tucker explains why the county rejected the idea. >> arlington county elementary parents will tell you schools continue to be squeezed to the max. >> think it's so much. >> some think extra space needs to come from somewhere. >> somehow we have to expand
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some schools if they have some space or opportunity to see any land we can use. >> arlington's county board rejected a plan to build a new elementary school on county-owned land next to thomas jefferson middle school. >> it's about minimizing the impacts to the extent that we can thaurz -- there's a network of schools. once we build it it's there. >> it was slated for future park land for the county. the groups friends of t.j. park fought to save the space. >> the board made a great decision for preserving this park for future generations at least for now. >> the county did leave the door open for arlington public schools to come back if it does an analysis of county sites and school additions and provide an estimate of county funding needed. >> if we can get the answers to those questions, we're happy to take it up again. >> the school board had already approved an alternative which would put additions on randolph and barcroft elementary schools.
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parents are waiting for what's next. >> county does a great job for the children. hopefully they can solve this problem so we don't have to move out or look for other options. >> a spokesperson for arlington county schools tells me it's too early to say what the school district or school board will want to do next. that decision may take a couple of weeks. caroline tucker, abc 7 news. >> top democrats tell politico hillary clinton is considering delaying the launch of a likely presidential campaign until july. that's three months later than originally planned. politico reports clinton doesn'texpect any major challenges for the democratic nomination and will use the extra time to develop her message. early public opinion polls show clinton far ahead of any potential democratic rivals. another potential presidential candidate mitt romney took jabs at clinton while addressing students at mississippi state
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university yesterday. he called the former secretary of state clueless on relations with russia. romney argued that clinton helped contribute to what he called president obama's timid aapproach to foreign policy. romney is considering a third presidential run and we're considering moving south after this weather. >> it's been interesting. we haven't had a lot of stuff but we've had a lot of stuff frequently. you know what i'm saying? every couple of days and we have a potential sunday evening into monday of having some measurable stuff. so let's stop talking stuff and show you some stuff. hee go here on a thursday evening. shows the back edge of the sleet and rain continuing to rapidly move eastward across the bay of the shore and it is almost out of here and a lot of that is indeed sleet. you have to go farther north to find the snow associated with this cold front that eventually leads to an alberta clipper over southwest ontario. as far as numbers, take the almanac here. 38 and 26 the official high and low at reagan national. 44 and 29 are the averages.
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on this day in 1975 with sunny and 76 degrees here. that will happen one day. can't tell you when but one day. 35 at reagan national. 32 at andrews. here's the issue for the next several hours. the ground is still wet from the rain and the sleet and the temperatures at or slightly below freezing. icy patches, pretty good bet. i think overnight and tomorrow especially the winds that will pick up will help dry up a lot of roadway surfaces. generally inside the beltway, we're talking 30 degrees when we wake up tomorrow morning with cloudy skies. it will be breezy and downright windy at times through the day tomorrow because of the front moving out. so you can follow the cold front and it goes into an alberta clipper coming across southwest ontario. as that moves eastward tomorrow and tomorrow night, it will develop into a big storm southeast coast of maine. it will dump another five to six inches on boston and maybe a foot, a little bit more over bangor and places inland like that. we'll get fairly quiet weather as far as temperatures go with westerly winds tomorrow. it will be probably towards
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midday when the wind will pick up out of the northwest and that will start drawing in much colder air. figures into the future cast as well. if you look into tomorrow fair amount of clear skies. what you don't see is the strong wind field that will be developing. snow showers in the mountains. for us a lot of sunshine but very windy. we'll be in the 30's. temperatures fall tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. by saturday we'll only hit 30 for a high despite the sunshine. and then we get into sunday and we have to deal with this. another storm system developing. snow to the north. simulated rain to the south. where will it go? will it go south and then curve out and give us mostly snow or make a beeline for our area and put us on the dividing line of rain and snow? or will it pass to our north and give us mostly rain? don't know. got to keep watching. literally, we don't know. it really hasn't fully developed yet but all three of those are possibilities here. i'm kind of thinking this is our best chance yet at measurable snow for the winter and we will stay all over for you. in the meantime let's talk about tomorrow morning. that will be sunny. partly sunny. 32. get up to about 36. strong wind gusts to about 30
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miles per hour and for the next seven days watch the temperatures here. mid 30's on sunday into monday. but temperatures will start to fall into the 20's here during the course of this storm. we'll give it a 70% probability. highs in the 20's on monday and tuesday. warming up a bit by wednesday. maureen and tim? >> thank you sir. the countdown to the super bowl is under way. >> yeah i've got the very latest from arizona for you. both on the super bowl and tiger woods' return. while the maryland terrapins are looking for a w in ohio. against the buckeyes. we'll have the very latest coming up in sports.
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>> all right. if you want to play in the big 10, you better put on your big boy pants hit the road and get ready to bang bodies with the buckeyes. the maryland terrapins play at ohio state tonight in a huge ballgame. maryland is second place in the big 10 standings ahead of michigan and ohio state. this is the stretch run towards march madness. time to build momentum! folks, the last time these two clubs met, ohio state took maryland behind the woodshed. beat them big. so mark turgeon is trying to change things up this time. >> we'll be in a new hotel, i promise you that than we were last year. we'll eat at a different restaurant and do things a little bit differently but in the end at 7:00 when the game starts, we better play well and i know the guys that were around
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last season so they will be fired up and ready to go. >> head coach mark turgeon. by now, you have your super bowl menu and you've stocked the beverages and the game is sunday. seattle is still favored by one. cheapest ticket now is $8,000. this may be the most expensive ticket in super bowl history. richard sherman's girlfriend is expecting their first child any day now and he says he hopes she doesn't go into labor until the game is over. tom brady is still suffering from a bad cold. but vegas has brady as the favorite to win the m.v.p. award. who needs vegas to pick the winner of the super bowl when you have rudy the rooster? i know this is foul but i'm a chicken, doug so i'll let rudy pick. he didn't hesitate. he went right to the seattle feed bowl and he picked -- or pecked the seahawks. sticking with his feathered friends. so he's got seattle winning. meanwhile, tiger woods is playing in his first tournament of the year, the phoenix open. he felt like rudy. he is struggling. tiger all over the place. so one thing that was consistent was his inconsistency. his short game was the worst of his game and tiger is now three
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over par through 15 holes. all right, for my money, the caps played the best game of the year last night. they snapped the four-game losing streak and alex ovechkin became the league's top goal scorer hitting his 28th and 29th goal of the year. caps beat the penguins 4-0 and they play at montreal on saturday. remember when jason werth of the washington nationals got stopped for driving his porsche at 105 miles an hour? it's official jason werth of the nats will spend five days in jail. there you have it. >> ok. what's the latest? >> quick look at the abc 7 snow machine and the storm watch weather center all moving out to the east. it will continue to later tonight. it will be cloudy and cold and steve will take a look ahead to the possible snow on sunday. >> ok. we're all waiting for that.
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onhursday night, not again. the deadly storm hitting now. the truck with explosives flipping. the planes skidding off runways. the breaking news. the air scares. the cockpit door, locking the pilot out. the emergency landing. plus the united flight flying across america suddenly forced to land too. passengers rushing off. the subway scare. climbing out through the windows. it comes after the commuter nightmare in washington. the measles outbreak tonight. more than 1,000 americans now monitored. school children without vaccinations, forced to stay home. and an abc news investigation. the survivor contestant pad ming the boat jumping into the water. turns out, he's a former nfl star who collected worker's comp. how he explains himself tonight.


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